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I have created this tumblr for a personal reflection on my life.

Science is my boyfriend, Christopher Adams is my girlfriend.

Jan 1


So i thought seeing as i have previously made some new years resolutions on tumblr, i would just remind myself what i have done this year, and make a few more for 2014 to keep me on track.

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May 22


This will be my last post from my tumblr!

I have really loved having my tumblr throughout university, as a vent/ collection of memories and stuff i like. but i am finding i dont have time to do little more than scroll through my dash. I also feel like i dont really need it anymore, for the purpose it was intended. I am going to keep my tumblr for a while, as it would seem a shame to waste three years of posts, for them to disappear!

So yeah, basically, i guess goodbye!

haha i am sure no one will read this let alone care!

Cheers tumblr.

Mar 17

My friend Jillian

So today marks day 14 of the 30 day shred and the second day i have completed level 2.

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Mar 3


is coming.

today is the last day i am going to be fed up of myself.

Feb 9

Back home

So I’ve come back home for the weekend. The rents are redecorating my room, so I’ve had a big clear out. I have managed to find about 500 photographs. Most of which have been stuck to my wall for years. i also found other photos which i had meant to put in a scrap book/photo album. So I think I will make it my project to get them organised and in a book!
I really do worry sometimes that if Facebook ever became forgotten about, so would half my memories of my teens and twenties! I think at least having a hard copy is something which will last no matter what changes. (Unless there is a fire or something! Aha)

A useless post!

Feb 4


Jan 2


So, just looking through my archive to find that i have barely posted anything this year!

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Dec 23


Nov 13

don’t tend to blog anymore! Have an update of my face


don’t tend to blog anymore! Have an update of my face

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